Post-launch excitement

Wow.  It’s been quite a time these last few days.  I’d like to take a breath here.
The New Program launched on 3/29, two weeks ago today.  Due to some technical difficulties it was free everywhere but on Amazon for the first 11 days.  Still, by any measure I had more downloads (and sales) than I’ve ever had in the 11 days after launch.  That was to be expected, free books are free, but still.  Helps the ego.  🙂
Then, on 4/10, Amazon came through with the price match.  I don’t know what I expected, but the download rate blew my mind.  In the first day, The New Program climbed into the top 100 in two different categories, and the top 10,000 overall.  The second day, it hit the top 15 in those categories (90 Minute Mystery, Thriller and Suspense and Espionage Thrillers) and the top 4,000 overall.  As of right now it’s sitting at:
My head has pretty much exploded.  The response is overwhelming, and there aren’t even any reviews yet.
The Volunteer‘s launch is coming at the end of May, just seven weeks from today.  Between then and now I’m having my first ever sale–Beaten is now available under Kindle Unlimited (which makes it free any time if you’re a member) and will be free for the general public for the first five days of May.  After that I’m planning to keep it at a discounted rate (hasn’t been finalized yet) for the balance of May.  Then The Volunteer comes out and I hide in a dark corner for a while while the anxiety washes over me, and we move on to the next thing (The Primer, book 5 is coming down the pipe…I’ve got most of a rough draft already).
If you haven’t read any of my stories, now is probably the best time you could possibly start fiscally speaking.  The New Program is available for free on all major eBook outlets.  Break is available for free on this very website, and Beaten will be free on Amazon 5/1/17-5/5/17.  All three currently available stories in The Primer, free for all, in anticipation of The Volunteer launching at the end of May.  Exciting stuff.
A reader asked me to point out that all three (four, really) stories can be read as independent, stand-alone works of fiction.  So here I am pointing that out: you don’t need to read Break to understand Beaten, you don’t need to read Beaten to get The New Program, and so on through all the other combinations.  You can jump in in whatever order you’d like.  :).
There you have it.  Still working on putting my brain back together from the excitement of the launch.  Catch you next week, and thanks for reading.

You want announcements? #TheVolunteer

We’ve got announcements!

First off, as you may have already noticed, we’ve done some redecorating.  Lots of little tweaks here and there, on the book pages and things.  More changes to come.

Secondly: I’ve got a book cover for you.  It looks almost nothing like the book cover I shared way back in the olden days.

The Volunteer - Cover

So there’s that.  In the name of The Volunteer, I hereby lay claim to the hashtag #TheVolunteer too.  :Þ.

Third on the agenda…another book cover!

The New Program - Cover

Wait…what’s this?  This wasn’t even going to exist a week ago, but it exists now.  The New Program is a novella, similar in length to Break, and sharing a universe with them.  It’s going to be out soon, and it’s going to be free.  Permanently.  So we’ve got that going for us.

I’m fighting with myself right now on whether or not to just announce the release date for The Volunteer, but I think it’s going to stay under wraps for the time being.  It’s set, though.  And the book is done.  Looking forward to spring.  These are exciting times.

About that book…

A ways back I posted a cover for Headless on this very blog.  I posted a post about making the thing, and a post about how I decided I hated it after the fact.  A lot has changed since then.  I’ve gone through the book at least half a dozen times since then, and it’s changed in some pretty fundamental ways.  Those changes are so dramatic, in fact, that the book title had to change with them.  So here’s the new title:

There’s a new cover to go with it, but that’s a secret for the time being.  Expect to see it when I announce the release date for the book, which is forthcoming.  I’m totally getting there.  Way faster than George R. R. Martin.  Not that that’s a very high bar.

The other thing you might notice is that this particular title isn’t written in brain letters.  Turns out I hate those.  I was pretty sure I didn’t hate them before, but that was probably a bout of temporary insanity.  The new font is called Silk Remington by Jadugar Design Studio.  Only I stretched it out a bit vertically because I have to tweak all the things that I encounter.

The latest pass on The Volunteer (subtle transition to the new title!) is complete as of Tuesday.  I’m going to comb through it one last time, just in case, but I’m pretty sure we’re looking at a finished manuscript here.  Exciting times!  If I had to guess, I’d put the release date in May.  Which is less than a year later than I intended, and that counts as a victory.


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