Six reasons I don’t post these days

  1. Somebody hit my car! 

  2. Water fell on me. 

  3. My chimney fell down. 

  4. This deer. 

  5. Glowsticks ate my face.
  6. There was a terrible fire.

Plus I recently published two books, and I’m a pretty hardcore introvert.  The combination of those two things has left me thoroughly burnt out.  I’m still writing, though.  Book 5 is somewhere around 65% written (not the same as done…I’m sure I’ll spend forever editing.)  Blog momentum will be back as soon as I can muster it.

The first post of 2017

Is a disappointing placeholder because this week has run me ragged!  Yay!

I was going to write a thing about fantasy football, but I got so bored while I was writing it that I couldn’t remember what I even wanted to say, so the whole thing got dumped into the big pile of deleted words that are secretly hidden beneath the floor of my blog, where they bide their time and wait for the opportunity to congeal into some sort of gigantic Frankenpost, something that is vast, incoherent and boring, but mostly vast.  But today is not that day.  Today the floor holds, and we move on with our lives.

I was going to write a The Night Dragon post, but I don’t have the energy required for that many paragraphs, no matter how short they are.  I’ll do one next week.  The week after that I’ll probably actually have something to say about the book that isn’t “It’s coming someday!”  So there’s that to look forward to.  In the mean time, I am uncategorizing this crap.  See you next week.

I have no words.

November marches on, I was supposed to write 50,000 of them. I don’t have any.


I was going to do a post. It was going to be on politics. I had a whole bunch to say. I …

Murder sucks

Hate crimes suck.  Terrorism sucks.  Whatever this was, it sucks.  It doesn’t seem like the kind of week for a lighthearted blog …

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