I’m not dead!


I’m not dead.  I’m just terrible at blogging.

I’m still hard at work, though.

Announcements are coming.

Extra line breaks make this post look longer, right?

In the meantime, check out Dark and Bitter.  Burn things to stay warm.  Rescue feral cats and then clean up the horrible things they do to your basement.  Make vegan sausages.  You know, normal stuff.

It’s #NaNoWrimo time!

November has begun again, and I’ve once again dropped everything I was working on in order to dump infinity words into a Word doc in thirty days.  The goal this year is pretty simple: 138,000 words (or thereabouts).  That’s what it will take to finish the (approximately) nineteenth installment of the NaNoWriMo project I started way back in 2006.  Someday I’ll finish the whole thing.  Maybe three years from now.  And then I’ll start editing it.  By then, it will likely be the longest coherent novel ever written.  That probably sounds crazy.  But it’s November.  Sanity is for the other eleven months of the year.  These words don’t count towards the 138,000…so I’m off now.  Got writing to do.

Six reasons I don’t post these days

  1. Somebody hit my car! 

  2. Water fell on me. 

  3. My chimney fell down. 

  4. This deer. 

  5. Glowsticks ate my face.
  6. There was a terrible fire.

Plus I recently published two books, and I’m a pretty hardcore introvert.  The combination of those two things has left me thoroughly burnt out.  I’m still writing, though.  Book 5 is somewhere around 65% written (not the same as done…I’m sure I’ll spend forever editing.)  Blog momentum will be back as soon as I can muster it.

The first post of 2017

Is a disappointing placeholder because this week has run me ragged!  Yay! I was going to write a thing about fantasy football, …

I have no words.

November marches on, I was supposed to write 50,000 of them. I don’t have any.


I was going to do a post. It was going to be on politics. I had a whole bunch to say. I …

Murder sucks

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