Grating Cheese all (The) Night (Dragon(s)) Through


The Dragon of The Night kept The Lava The Night Dragon

Pinned to the ground with one giant claw

While it used another giant claw to keep itself standing

And the other two giant claws to hollow out the moon,

Which it had recently broken in half

On The Lava The Night Dragon(s) face.

Cheese got freaking everywhere.

A few brave people,

Members of “The Night Dragon Nacho Enthusiasts League,”

Ran around at The Dragon of The Night’s feet,

Gathering chunks of free cheese

To melt and consume later,

Provided they survived.

(They didn’t survive.

It was stupid to think that they could.)

After the moon was nice and hollowed out,

The Dragon of The Night picked up The Armless Lava The Night Dragon

And shoved it into the place where the cheese core of the moon used to live.

Since The Armless Lava The Night Dragon was made of lava,

Which is by definition hotter than cheese can ever be,

Even straight out of the microwave,

The moon started to melt immediately.

So The Dragon of the Night put the two halves of the moon back together

And allowed the melting process to continue,

Thereby repairing the moon.

The Night Dragons,

Who were probably dead anyways,

Were trapped inside the moon.

There was no air,

Which didn’t matter because they were probably dead,

And it was super dark,

Which also didn’t matter because they were probably dead.

The thing that did matter was that they were trapped in what was,


The largest pokeball in the universe.

So that was the end of them.

Luckily for everyone in the world who was still alive,

(Which was a lot of people since the world is pretty much huge)

The moon-hollow-and-rebuild scheme,

Along with the posing and the long delay between The Night Dragon posts

Took so long that some kind of Deus Ex Machina appeared.
So that’s good news.

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