I forgot 2018

Oh well. On to 2019. It feels like a good one.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been active on here. Lots has gone on. The grand finale of The Night Dragon(s) is coming up. I haven’t written it yet, but I know what’s going to happen. There might be some more People Are Dolphins Too in the pipeline. It’s not all going to be the funny stuff, though. It’s time to finish The Primer.
I’ve got KillSwitch just about ready to go–just need to pick a final date for it and give it one last coat of polish. We Sit in the Dark is following fast behind. Then, The Rattenfanger Files…and then the end. A novella, a novel, a kind of collection piece, and then we finish it off with a monster of a novel. I’m still neck deep in the first draft of that last one, and I really want to stick the landing, but it’s coming. I’m not saying it all gets done in 2019. That’s almost certainly not the case. But there will be a book in 2019. Probably two. Probably two more in 2020.
And then it’s on to the next project. I’ve got a few different things in the pipeline. A novel I might try to shop the traditional way. A comic strip with a little more to it than PRD2. I’ve got a couple other drafts collecting dust that probably deserve another look, and even more outlines. I’ve got some ideas bouncing around in my head about a podcast. We’ll see what happens. 2019 feels like a year for making some changes. Oh, and there’s one last thing. Don’t tell anyone, but Sam T Willis is writing the longest novel in the world.

Wow, I’m bad at time.

You may have noticed that it’s not Spring 2018 anymore.  And that Killswitch has not been published.  And that I’ve basically been on radio silence on the subject.  Not sure what happened there.  I blame zombies and also my fickle, inconstant mind.

So here’s the deal as it stands now:  KillSwitch isn’t quite done.  It needs that final round with sandpaper, and then a nice coat of wax.  I feel like it’s right there, but you never know with these things.  The book after KillSwitch is hot on its heels.  Still needs at least a few sandings, and I want to be extra sure I get that one right because the grand finale hinges upon it so thoroughly.  The book after that, which is going to be an assemblage of bits-and-pieces that pull a whole bunch of story threads together in anticipation of said finale is written as well.  It’s going to need all manner of editing, but the core of the thing is sitting there, in a Word doc, waiting for me to face it.  And then there’s the finale.  I’ve got it outlined.  I’ve got many entire scenes in my head.  I think I’m ready–and irresponsible enough–to start writing it.  It’s going to be big, and it’s going to be ambitious, and I have no idea when it’s going to be done.  Ideally, the whole series is written and in various stages of waiting when November rolls around and I start working on the annual secret project of doom.

I think, at this point, that my plan is something like this:

  • KillSwitch in February 2019
  • Book 6 in May 2019
  • Book 7 in August 2019
  • The grand finale November 2019

I doubt I’ll make those deadlines, but I’d be pretty happy with myself if I did.  I’ll be pretty happy with myself just to have this whole story down on paper, and subsequently out in the world, even if all of ya’ll hate it.  🙂

Random Kindle Countdown sale of Beaten and The Volunteer right now, by the way.  It’ll run from 7/5 to 7/12.

Holiday thriller sale! #MysteryThrillerPromo

December Thriller SaleHowdy!  It’s sale time again.  In honor of the holiday season, for the very first time, you can get The Volunteer for only $0.99!  In addition, Beaten just happens to be free right now, so you can get the entirety of The Primer for under a dollar for the weekend…just in the for Christmas or the last couple nights of Hanukkah.  And, in my best Billy Mays voice….but wait, there’s more!  If you head over ReneePawlish.com/promo, you’ll find fifteen mysteries and nineteen thrillers (including The Volunteer), all for $0.99 each.  It’s truly a Festivus miracle.

Happy Festivus

So…I just threw a whole bunch of statements at you.  You know what’s better than statements?  A bulleted list of links.

And that’s it.  Check ’em out. Hopefully the next time you hear from me, I’ll actually be finished with NaNoWriMo (sitting at 87.5% right now) and progress will have resumed on The Primer book 5.  Hopefully, that doesn’t involve not hearing from me in a month.

Okay, I love you, bye bye.

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