Wonderful first person observations and beautiful tension throughout.  A great, flowing style.”

-Tennyson Bardwell, writer/director of Dorian Blues

The Primer, book 1

The Angel of Death…

One night, a long time ago, Ian Kensington became the Angel of Death, and everything made sense for the first time in his life.  Until the police arrived.

Since then, he’s kept the “Angel” at bay with the help of a series of doctors and an endless supply of pills.  Battered into exhaustion and numbed to the world around him, Ian has become a productive, if solitary, member of society.  But the Angel’s whispers still plague him day and night.

Therapy teaches him that those whispers, just like the draft notice that came in the mail, can’t be real.  No army would ever want someone like him.  None of it makes any sense: there’s no war going on, and no public draft lottery.  Just Ian, a list of two dozen other names, and two men promising their program can get rid of the Angel for good.  It’s a prospect so outlandish that Ian had never thought to hope for it.

Break is a suspenseful psychological thriller that puts you deep in the mind of a killer, a man who knows he can’t trust himself, but finds he doesn’t have a choice.

The Primer book 2: Beaten

The Primer book 3: The New Program (coming Spring 2017)

The Primer book 4: The Volunteer (coming Spring 2017)

The Primer book 5: To be announced…

You can get a copy of Break for free, I just need to know where to send it!

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