The author has an interesting style with detail that is so descriptive the scenes are easy to envision (even if you don’t want to).

-Amazon Review

The Primer, book 2

A draft without a war.

Nathan Werner is a college dropout.  He doesn’t have anything going for him—not a job, a family, or friends.  He’s also just been drafted, along with two dozen others, into a clandestine government research program.  They’re going to be the next great advancement in “defense” technology.

Nate makes no secret that he wants out, but the only way home is in a body bag.  There’s a high-pitched tone keeping him up at night, and everyone around him is slowly changing.  They’re losing their inhibitions, losing their fears, and losing their minds.

The experiment has side effects.  There’s a voice in Nate’s head; it’s constantly screaming words that he can’t understand.  He keeps waking up in the strangest places: in an alley, in a hospital bed, in the snow with a bullet in his stomach.  And the bodies are starting to pile up.

Beaten is a gripping, fast-paced thriller in the spirit of The Bourne Identity that will take you deep inside a government research program that has either gone terribly wrong…or exactly as planned.

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