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Afterlife of The Night Dragon(s)


The Night Dragon awoke quite suddenly
In a strange,
Glowing red room.
The Night Dragon was there.
So was The Night Dragon,
The Night Dragon,
The Night Dragon,
And you get the idea.
They were all there.
The most recently deceased amongst them,
The Night Dragon,
Was like:
“Am I dead?”
To which the raccoon The Night Dragon responded:
And the vampire The Night Dragon,
Who was used to the fact that the raccoon The Night Dragon
Had recently learned to speak,
Elaborated thusly:
“We’re pretty sure we all died.
“We’re also pretty sure the lava we fell in was magic.”
At which point the Order of the Militant Grammarians The Night Dragon interjected:
“It was magma.
“It was underground when we fell in.”
Which led the evil The Night Dragon to stab him in the face,
Which didn’t do anything,
Lending credence to the idea that they were all already dead.
The Night Dragon,
Being dead,
Was cured of her medical inability to be daunted.
She was,
A conversation began immediately.
The long and short of that conversation,
Which was long in content
But short in time
Because of the apocalyptic situation going on outside,
Was that now that they were all dead
And didn’t have to worry about being killed any more,
And were furthermore in control of a giant lava person
They were going to use their giant lava power to defeat
The Dragon of the Night
Once and for all.
It seemed,
To The Night Dragon,
To be a better plan than all of the other ones they’d tried,
Which were pretty much all doomed from the get-go.
There was a problem,
It turned out that,
While they were having this long and short conversation inside the body of the lava person
The Dragon of The Night was still in the world outside
And it was beating the crap out of the lava person
With its various dragonly appendages.

The New Program launch day!

Here we are: launch day for The New Program.  I’m keeping this one sort of low-key for a few different reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I’m terrified of marketing and I’m taking the easy way out.  Considering that, for my first two book releases, the sum total of my promotions was a couple tweets and posts on Facebook to accompany closing my eyes and hurling ePubs into the ether, we’re going to call this a gradual step up.  The New Program gets blog posts, its own landing page, and more tweets and Facebook posts than the other ones ever did.  We’re moving in the right direction!

It’s a terrifying direction.

There’s also the fact that the book is a novella, not a full-blown novel, and that it’s free.  And that I’m having some minor technical difficulties (it’s apparently not actually free on Amazon just yet).  If you’d like to read a copy, I’d recommend heading over to Smashwords, Barnes and Noble or iTunes for the time being.  I’m sure I’ll be tweeting from the mountaintops when the Amazon link is ready.

If you’re new to The Primer, or my work in general, now is a great time to jump in.  The New Program is free, Break is free for everyone who subscribes to my newsletter, and Beaten will be on extra-special sale next month to celebrate The Volunteer‘s impending release.  They’re a series, but not an episodic one–you can read any of the three (or four, as the case will soon be) without reading the others, and you won’t be lost.  We’re building a world here–the layers interlock, but they don’t depend upon one another.  I can promise plenty of suspense, tension, intrigue, and the occasional burst of violence.

Starting with Book 5–which is so early in development that it doesn’t even have a proposed name, things are going to start to converge.  But that’s a story for another day.  For now, grab yourself a free copy of The New Program and take a look.  If you like it, come one back here.  There’s plenty more.  Thanks for reading.


#SnippetSunday: The New Program

Back after a long absence is Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors.  This time we have a very special installment, in honor of my new novella coming out later this week.  Without further ado, on to The New Program

“You’re exaggerating the situation to an absurd degree, Marcia, and I think you know that.  It’s a new form of therapy with a remarkably high success rate.  That’s all it is.  You should be excited about it.  No one is going to come out of it a robot or brainwashed, they’re simply going to come out of it reformed.  Perhaps you’re not….”

“If you say I’m not thinking clearly because I’m pregnant I’m going to walk up to your office and beat you to death with a crib bumper.  Don’t think I won’t do it; I’ve got the ugliest one you’ve ever seen in my trunk.”

He cracks a smile.  So he can’t be that angry.  I’m probably not going to get fired today.

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