Six reasons I don’t post these days

  1. Somebody hit my car! 

  2. Water fell on me. 

  3. My chimney fell down. 

  4. This deer. 

  5. Glowsticks ate my face.
  6. There was a terrible fire.

Plus I recently published two books, and I’m a pretty hardcore introvert.  The combination of those two things has left me thoroughly burnt out.  I’m still writing, though.  Book 5 is somewhere around 65% written (not the same as done…I’m sure I’ll spend forever editing.)  Blog momentum will be back as soon as I can muster it.

I’m a terrible blogger

There’s no real blog post for this week.  I blame society.  Also, I blame the guy who crashed into my car this …

The Volunteer – launch day!

The appointed day has arrived! The Volunteer is reporting for duty. Check it out on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or Smashwords. …

Six day warning

Less than a week left. Thank you all for your support, and for your eyeballs! Who’s ready to retreat into the dark …

Crazy week

This week has been (and continues to be) crazy, so I’m going to have to stay brief and aggregate a few links …

Chapter 1

Enclosed, for your reading pleasure, a sneak preview of The Volunteer, available for preorder now and out everywhere 5/31. A terrible screeching sound …

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