Wow, I’m bad at time.

You may have noticed that it’s not Spring 2018 anymore.  And that Killswitch has not been published.  And that I’ve basically been on radio silence on the subject.  Not sure what happened there.  I blame zombies and also my fickle, inconstant mind.

So here’s the deal as it stands now:  KillSwitch isn’t quite done.  It needs that final round with sandpaper, and then a nice coat of wax.  I feel like it’s right there, but you never know with these things.  The book after KillSwitch is hot on its heels.  Still needs at least a few sandings, and I want to be extra sure I get that one right because the grand finale hinges upon it so thoroughly.  The book after that, which is going to be an assemblage of bits-and-pieces that pull a whole bunch of story threads together in anticipation of said finale is written as well.  It’s going to need all manner of editing, but the core of the thing is sitting there, in a Word doc, waiting for me to face it.  And then there’s the finale.  I’ve got it outlined.  I’ve got many entire scenes in my head.  I think I’m ready–and irresponsible enough–to start writing it.  It’s going to be big, and it’s going to be ambitious, and I have no idea when it’s going to be done.  Ideally, the whole series is written and in various stages of waiting when November rolls around and I start working on the annual secret project of doom.

I think, at this point, that my plan is something like this:

  • KillSwitch in February 2019
  • Book 6 in May 2019
  • Book 7 in August 2019
  • The grand finale November 2019

I doubt I’ll make those deadlines, but I’d be pretty happy with myself if I did.  I’ll be pretty happy with myself just to have this whole story down on paper, and subsequently out in the world, even if all of ya’ll hate it.  🙂

Random Kindle Countdown sale of Beaten and The Volunteer right now, by the way.  It’ll run from 7/5 to 7/12.

Coming Spring 2018

KillSwitch - The Primer, Book 5

The Primer, book 5

“Ladies and gentlemen, give yourselves a round of applause.  You are pioneers.  The next generation of American defense, and the reason we are going to stay at the forefront of power in this world.  In the age of nanotechnology, AI, and laser guidance, one thing has slowed our progress more than any other: the human mind.  All of this new technology is limited by the people who operate it.  For years, scientists, engineers, and what-have-you have striven to automate.

“They’re trying to take you out of every task that they can.  Remove fatigue, impatience, attention spans, and reaction time from the equation completely.  The human mind is a liability to them.  I want to change all that.  There was a time when the human—not the technology—was the driving force behind our success.  I’m going to make you all stronger, faster, and smarter.  You will be the first in an army of supermen, revered by your people and feared by the enemy.  You will be the very hammer of democracy.

“This is big news.  You may feel unequal to the task.  You were, however, selected for a reason.  Out screening process is extremely thorough.  I designed the program myself.  I know that you will be able to do just as well as anyone else, if not better.  I very much doubt that you, or any of your fine compatriots, will be killed.  That is largely the point.”

– Director Patrick Hall


I’m not dead!


I’m not dead.  I’m just terrible at blogging.

I’m still hard at work, though.

Announcements are coming.

Extra line breaks make this post look longer, right?

In the meantime, check out Dark and Bitter.  Burn things to stay warm.  Rescue feral cats and then clean up the horrible things they do to your basement.  Make vegan sausages.  You know, normal stuff.

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