#NaNoWriMo2017: The End

It’s just about over.  Officially, anyways.  Let’s see now….

And the new lifetime number:

I’m not going to lie, that one feels pretty good.  I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo for thirteen years now (though I skipped 2006 because that was the dark time), and I’ve won every year I’ve done it.  Makes the whole thing feel pretty massive to have logged more than a cool million in the process, even if it’s been more than a decade.

My plan, right now, is to retire from NaNoWriMo in 2020.  That’s when I plan to be finished with the story I started way back in 2005.  There’ll be lots more about that later, if I ever get around to editing this beast.  Suffice it to say, those million words aren’t all I’ve got sitting on the hard drive.  By now, I’ve established how terrible I am at keeping to plans, so chances are, when 2021 rolls around, I’m going to still be plugging away at the same old story.  2031, too.

In the meantime, where do we go from here?  In an ideal world, I would have accomplished everything I wanted to in November.  I didn’t make it.  The section I’ve been working on is 64 chapters, and I’ve only got 48 in the can.  I’m going to keep plugging away (probably at a slower pace) until I finish the final 25%.  Hopefully well before the holidays.

After that, I’m going hardcore on edits for The Primer books 5 and 6.  They’re both written.  They both need a bunch of work.  I’ll have  lots to say about them soon enough.  I’ve got an outline for the end of the series, which is going to be a massive tome compared to everything I’ve put out so far, and a framework for book 7, which is probably the most amorphous thing left in The Primer.  2018 is going to be a busy year.  I’m excited.  I’m also tired.

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