Book 5

Did I mention “Book 5” has become two books?

Like Break and Beaten, and then The New Program and The Volunteer, books 5 and 6 are going to be a novella-novel pair.  Probably separated by a couple months like last time.  From here I’m guessing book 5 drops in February.  I’m almost certainly wrong.

I just finished writing book 5.  As in today.  Book 6 has been in the can for about a month now, and I’m about to go back and dig into it for my first real editing pass.  Hopefully, it’s not too painful a process, but one can never predict these things.  Book 6 is a big one, it’s going to start tying everything together.  But first, we’ll spread things out even more.  Not just through space, but time as well.  I’m pretty excited.

All this means that I was totally lying about the series ending at book 6, though.  Since book 6 is what I’d planned for book 5 now–and I’m guessing I’ll wind up sticking to the novella-novel pair system going forward–we’re looking at an 8 book series.  Maybe we’ll roll up to an even 10 when the momentum inevitably runs away with me after I get going on book 8.  Who knows what the future holds?

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