People are Dolphins Too 1 #PRD2

Alt-text if you can’t read my wonderful handwriting.

Lord Kingsperor: Dolphins should have their own hospitals. Anonymous Functionary: Yes, Lord Kingsperor.  Right away, Lord Kingsperor

Dolphin: I prefer human healthcare!  Their gowns are delightful!

Anonymous Functionary: A dolphin shot me with an arrow!  Get me to a human hospital!

Dr. MedicalTheology: We have no beds.  Dolphins ate some.  Others have been given to Jesus as sacrifices.

Anonymous Functionary: It will be too late and I will be dead.  Frown.

Dr. Dolphin: We can help.  But our gowns are bad. Anonymous Functionary: I do not care about bad gowns.  I want to live.

Dr. Dolphin: Also, I have no hands.  Or medical training.  Or scruples.

Anonymous Functionary: This is fine.

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