Crazy week

This week has been (and continues to be) crazy, so I’m going to have to stay brief and aggregate a few links that should be important for the next couple weeks.

The Volunteer is available for preorder.  Check it out now, and it will magically appear on your device of choice on 5/31.

Beaten is on sale for $0.99 until the end of the month.  If you missed it when it was free, now is the time to catch up!

The New Program remains free, now and forever.  Break is free for everyone who signs up for my mailing list.

I’ve just started writing The Primer, book 5 in earnest (almost have the whole thing outlined) and building a framework for book 6, which will be (probably) the grand finale of the series.  These next two books promise to be substantially beefier than everything that came before them.  Miles to go before I sleep and all that.

Oh yeah, and the back of my house fell down yesterday.  So that’s fun.

It’s a good thing.

See you next week.

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