President Shinra

Fake President Donald Trump seems like he was built in a lab somewhere expressly for the purpose of drawing comparisons with every villain that’s come before him, both real and fake.  The Hitler comparison comes up more often than any other–besides, maybe, Nixon–while Benito Mussolini is probably a better parallel for the guy’s politics.  Then there’s the idea that his campaign was pure Audrey II, his relationship with the press at this point seems to actually be based on Orwell, and he goes after his enemies like Negan with a baseball bat.  We’ve got The Joker reading his tweets, he’s stealing foreign policy positions from Westeros, and there are theories that he’s literally the Death Star floating around the Internet.  The guy is literally leaning on Andrew Jackson to justify his actions.  I’m starting to wonder if his whole plan is to undercut any attempts to satirize him by physically transforming himself into C. Montgomery Burns.

But I was thinking about video games from the nineties the other day, because sometimes that’s the only thing I can do to stop myself from retweeting literally everything negative I see about Cheeto Voldemort, when I thought of one I hadn’t seen yet.  And then I dug into it a bit.  Turns out they match up pretty well….It's Trump, only thinner and with better hair.


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