The last post of 2016

So.  That was some year we just had, huh?  I launched at the beginning of 2016, because when you write books you’re supposed to have a website, and I intended to publish a book called With No Head some time that summer.  Summer came and went, the title came and went, a cover came and went, and the website is still here.  I haven’t been terribly responsible with it, I’ve put a bunch of half-formed thoughts up here and regretted them almost immediately, but in the archives they remain, never to be seen by any but the most interested of parties.

I expect 2017 to be different in some ways and the same in many others.  The website will remain.  The book, whatever it’s called, will be published.  A short story of mine is going to be published in an anthology, and I’ll be sure to link the crap out of that when it comes out.  “The Night Dragon” will come to an end (probably in January), and I’ll start writing some other silly idea instead.  There will be jokes, there will be anxiety, and there will be posts that are much later than they are supposed to be (like this one!).  People will continue to find my website with fantastic search terms like “peed in his pants.”  I will continue to be amused by the links that get people here.  I will probably make a point of mentioning the free copy of Break that comes with signing up for my newsletter a few more times.

The world, which doesn’t even get a mention until the third paragraph because this is my website and I get to be all self-important all over everything, will continue to be a place wherein numerous bad things happen all the time.  There will be lots of good things, too, and it will probably be more important than it usually is to fight for the good things.  We will learn from 2016, collectively, and we will find better ways to share and consume information.  Better ways to determine what information is valuable.  This is going to be very important, because the amount of information available is never going to decrease, not unless the Internet explodes or zombies eat our power plants (possible story idea?) or something like that.

Donald Trump is going to be the important job guy, and I’m going to continue to dislike that.  I’ll probably complain about it more because it’s probably going to be terrible.  I have no illusions about my complaints actually changing the way things will be going forward, but complaining is cathartic and helps me gather my thoughts.  I believe a clear understanding of our problems and obstacles is key when trying to identify and fight for the things we value.

Thanks for reading in 2016.  Thanks for Googling “lunch place new orleans turkey and the wolf” and clicking on the weird short story you found instead of the restaurant you were looking for. Thanks for signing up (told you I was going to mention it again) and thanks for commenting.  Thanks for tolerating me, which as far as I know is not mandatory.  See you in 2017.


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