Reception(ist) of the Night Dragon(s)

Night Dragon

Things were going poorly.

The lava river had consumed the vast majority of The Night Dragons.

As a matter of fact, let’s just assume that all of them

Except for one (The Night Dragon)

Were thrown or dropped into the lava river

While you weren’t paying attention.

So now The Night Dragon was alone,

Face to face with the Dragon of the Night

Metaphorically, of course,

Because the Dragon of the Night’s face

Was like six hundred feet off the ground.

She knew that she was ultimately responsible for unleashing this unstoppable terror upon the world

Since she’d taken out cell service,

And she made no move to retreat

For she had accepted death.

And then she realized something!

And she made a move to retreat!

She made lots of moves to retreat,

Including hopping on a conveniently placed motorcycle

And driving on that motorcycle away from the Dragon of the Night

Who was temporarily distracted by the discovery of a series of satellites in geosynchronous orbit,

Which it was eating.

The Night Dragon drove all the way to The Night Dragon Power, Telephone, and Other Stuff Company offices

And she kicked down the front door

By crashing her motorcycle through it.

The receptionist walked over and helped her up,

Because the receptionist considered herself a nice person

And wouldn’t allow the shock of the motorcycle crash to stop her from helping a person.

Then The Night Dragon, who had a mild concussion,

Jumped to her feet

Despite the fact that she had already been helped to her feet

Which made her fall to the floor

After which she jumped (slowly) to her feet.

Then she told the receptionist to have someone fix the cell tower.

The receptionist blinked at her.



In the river of lava


Was happening.

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