#Nanowrimo 2016: The End


96,771 words written in 30 days.  The goal was 121,000.

I didn’t make it.

Did you make it?

And now the NaNo hangover sets in.

There’s something about hitting an end date, even an arbitrary one like this, that just allows the exhaustion to set in.  This month has been a particularly exhausting one, and the difference between today’s progress and yesterday’s is dramatic.  I remember why it took until February for me to finish last year, but this time will be different.  Of that I am confident.

We’re going to be switching gears here starting next week, back to the regularly scheduled program that’s likely to include the return of The Night Dragon(s), up to and including it’s thrilling conclusion.  There’s also something about a book that’s just about done.

I’m cheating this week, on account of the hangover, and just leaving this brief little post here.  Better one next week, I promise.

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