#Nanowrimo 2016, part 2

Into the final week we go!

I won already.  But I’m not done.

The goal in November, for me, is always to finish the project I start, no matter how large that project happens to be.  At first that meant writing somewhere around 50,000 words.  At some point it doubled to 100,000, a goal I’ve rarely achieved.  Last year, when the goal wound up being 112,000, I didn’t actually finish until February.  This year it looks like it’ll take 121,000 words to finish the project.

I’m probably not going to make it.

At the pace I’m going now, I’m two days behind schedule to finish the whole thing by the end of 11/30.  That’s operating under the assumption that I can write two chapters a day, a little over 4,000 words, each day of the coming four day weekend.  The weekends have always been my downfall in NaNoWriMo.  Something about a lack of structure to the day makes it much harder to hit the goal.  Thanksgiving is always harder than a normal weekend.  If I had to guess, I’d say I get 6,000 words out of the coming Holiday instead of the project 16,000, which would leave me on pace to finish with 103,000 for the month.  That’s pretty close to my best month ever, but it falls short of the goal.  It’s probably a bad sign for the next three years, because these things are only going to get longer.

If I pretend nothing outside of writing a novel exists, I’ve had a pretty good November.  The writing has been brisk and fun, the story has behaved (and organically forced me to change things for the better) and it’s been good to have a little break from Headless before the final push to publication.  The Election was The Election, and I’ll try to keep it off the blog.

Let’s say we reconvene at the end of the month for the grand finale, eh?

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