#SnippetSunday: The Rooster and the Wolf 4

Snippet Sunday.  Weekend Writing Warriors.  Roosters.  Wolves.  Fireworks.  Holidays.  Exciting times.  We’re getting on towards the end of this little story.  Dramatic tension for days.  I’ll probably cheat again next week, just to get the whole ending in one snippet.  Shh, don’t tell anyone.

“So quit, don’t take the pills, hide under a blanket.  Why’re you bothering me about it?”

“You been in the suit almost as long as Lee.”

“Don’t say his name.”

“Just saying.  You should quit too.  Something’s wrong here, she damn well knows it.”

Eli scoffed.  He was sweating, too, but he’d been at this job long enough to ignore it.  After a few years the suit became a part of you.  “A man’s got to eat.”

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