#SnippetSunday: The Rooster and the Wolf 2

I didn’t wander off to look at something shiny, so we’re back with another Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors!  Oh snap!  Sticking with the story from last week, it turns out the sentences therein are super short, so these Snippets are coming out tiny.

“You don’t quit.  Nowhere to go.”

“Broke is better than turgid.”

Eli shook his head.  He’d been shaking his head the whole time, the ten-inch long rubber tongue sticking out of his bug-eyed wolf face slapping this way, then that.  “You don’t even know what it means.”

“Means dead, but worse.  Anyways shut up, I’m trying to think.”

“Adjective.  Swollen and distended or congested.”

There’s my Snippet for the week, I hope you enjoyed it.  If you did, I encourage you to leave a comment, perhaps explore the rest of my site, and maybe Sign Up for my mailing list.  All it takes is a name and an email and it nets you free copy of Break,  as well as some bonus content for Headless in the near future.

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