#SnippetSunday 12: Everything

It’s Snippet SundayWeekend Writing Warriors, and Opening Day!  Spring seems to be missing this weekend, but oh well.  The story so far has its own, dedicated page for catching up purposes.  We’re sticking around the hospital for this week’s scene.  On we go!

“How long have I known what?”

“Don’t lie to me, Shane; Gwen told me everything.”

It takes me a long time to think of an answer, and while I’m thinking he’s just staring at me.  “I don’t know, a few weeks, maybe.”

“And you didn’t tell your best friend that whole time.”  He’s got this bitter smile on his face.

“As far as I knew they hadn’t done anything about it until a few nights back.”

“Right, they were just waiting me out.  ‘Charlie’s going to kick the bucket in a few months, or at least he’ll be out of the state, then we don’t have to feel guilty about going behind his back.  He never even has to know.'”

There’s my Snippet for the week, I hope you enjoyed it.  If you did, I encourage you to leave a comment, perhaps explore the rest of my site, and maybe Sign Up for my mailing list.  All it takes is a name and an email and it nets you free copy of Break,  as well as some bonus content for Headless in the near future.

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