#SnippetSunday 11: Charges

Happy Easter, and happy Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors.  Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping where you are.  The story so far has its own, dedicated page for catching up purposes.  As promised last week, back we go to the hospital to check in on the newly-reunited friends….

“They said you’re in for trespassing, criminal mischief, and resisting arrest.”  It’s Charlie’s voice that wakes me up; I have no idea how long he’s been talking, he’s not even looking at me.  “They got me for drunk and disorderly, public urination, and resisting arrest.  Funny how they charge you in threes, isn’t it?”

I try to sit up, but that’s apparently not happening.  The last thing I remember is my head being forced forward, into the roof of the car.  “Where have you been all this time?”

“You don’t get to ask questions today, that’s your official sentence.  Mine is forced chemotherapy, apparently.  How long have you known?”

There’s my Snippet for the week, I hope you enjoyed it.  If you did, I encourage you to leave a comment, perhaps explore the rest of my site, and maybe Sign Up for my mailing list.  All it takes is a name and an email and it nets you free copy of Break,  as well as some bonus content for Headless in the near future.

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