#SnippetSunday 10: Martyrs

Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors, now into the double digits.  The story so far has its own, dedicated page for catching up purposes.  It’s been a twisting, turning ride thus far, but I’m afraid if you want to catch up with Shane and Charlie you’re going to have to wait a week.  Or two.  This one’s back in Ryan’s court.

I’m sitting on the hood of Gwen’s car, I know she has to leave for work soon, and just waiting.  All of this silence is starting to drive me mad, it’s like the three of them disappeared off the face of the earth.  She walks out the front door, not looking over in my direction yet, and my eyes follow her down the steps, along the path, and to the driveway.

“Any sign of Charlie yet?”

She stops, surprised to hear my voice despite the fact that she’s practically right on top of me.  “No, nothing yet.  Please get off my car; I need to leave now.”

I jump off the hood and step away, trying to hate Charlie for ruining this instead of myself.  “Can’t we just be happy, Gwen?  We screwed up, I get that, but we don’t have to be martyrs about it.”

There’s my Snippet for the week, I hope you enjoyed it.  If you did, I encourage you to leave a comment, perhaps explore the rest of my site, and maybe Sign Up for my mailing list.  All it takes is a name and an email and it nets you free copy of Break,  as well as some bonus content for Headless in the near future.

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