The New Program - CoverThe Volunteer - Cover

Now available: The New Program, book 3 in The Primer series.  It’s currently available for free on Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, iTunes and Kobo, soon to be free on Amazon as well!  Click the cover for details.

Coming 5/31/2017: The VolunteerThe Primer book 4!  Details are available via clicking that cover as well.  Preorders are currently open.

Hello, and welcome to, my chunk of the Internet.  I’m Sam T. Willis, and I write stories.  As far as this site goes, think of it as your home base for all things Sam T. Willis–you can find links to my books on all the major channels, news on new things, progress reports, maybe the occasional look into my writing process and my brain in general, since some people are into that sort of thing.  The plan right now is a new post every Wednesday.



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